November 23rd

Date night!

43. Girlies sleeping in late after a full weekend and letting me get to typing this post!

44. An awesome date with Jonathan Friday night!  Coffee, Japanese steakhouse dinner, a Brahms concert. He knows how to spoil me!

45. A lazy Saturday morning with the older girls staying at Nana and Papa's house, We slept in and then ate pancakes while watching Elf. That movie makes me laugh harder than any other movie I've seen. Hahaha!

46. Snow--the first this year. It was gorgeous!

47. Getting to serve our Church by playing piano Sunday morning.

48. Watching God work in a difficult attitude issue with one of my children. So thankful for prayer and God's grace!


November 20th

Martta Wendelin illustration by -Astrid1978-, via Flickr:

33. the Thanksgiving Banquet with our Church

34. Getting to go to a homeschool encouragement meeting last night

35. Getting to go baby free! This was the first time for me to leave Emma at bedtime and she did great for Daddy.

36. Making a new friend last night

37. Plans coming together to go to Oklahoma to visit my Mom over Christmas

38.  Fuzzy jammies

40. Seeing a double rainbow

41. Watching a gorgeous sunset after that rainbow faded away. The sky that night was the most amazing I have ever seen.

42. My early-rising girlie sitting on my lap while I type this post


November 17th

28. All that clean laundry piled on the couch

29. Joy in a girlie's eyes as she realizes she can read

30. Another girlie getting past her resistance to copywork and deciding to write even more words (from her poem) than I had assigned

31. Baby Emma sleeping all night!

32. Finding a new yoga/stretch sequence that made my tight, aching hips feel great


November 14th

25. Prayer--finding freedom, learning vulnerability

26. The Bible--teaching me truth and righteousness

27. Jesus


November 13th

22. Sleepy early morning nursing snuggles

23. A recipe success last night! My own dairy-free version of my old favorite--Creamy Broccoli and Rice Casserole. So good!

24. Hot mulled apple cider and a good long talk with my husband


November 12th

19. A clean living room. I can concentrate on my morning Bible time so much better if the living room is clean!

20. Twinkle lights and candles on a very dark and windy fall day.

21. Two little girls sitting together on the piano bench playing and singing made-up worship songs. So precious!


November 11th

16. Prayer time with our small group last night

17. Each of the families in our group and the friends they are to us and our children

18. Gluten free, dairy free brownies my friend, Bethany so sweetly made for me