Five-Minute Post Day One~~Peace

This month I am joining Kate in 31 Days of five-minute Free Writes, tapping out blog posts in only 5 minutes.  

I want our home to be defined by love and godliness, joy and peace.

I want it to smell like homemade bread, candles, and the fragrance of peace.

I want people to remember our family by smiles on faces, open arms, and peaceful hearts.

In the middle of toys on the floor and little girls art projects all over the table. In the middle of my own sewing and craft projects and the piles of dirty dishes, I want to feel the current of peace. The peace and joy and love that only knowing Jesus Christ can bring.

The peace deep in my heart even when  I've been up since five o'clock in the morning, and children are spewing bodily fluids where they never should be. Even in the deep, dark moments of mothering when I'm groping for the light, I know there can be peace.


Daybook On A Chilly October Morning

Outside my window... It is early morning and the sun is just beginning to send it's glow across the eastern sky. The ponds, still warm from the summer sun are steaming. Everything is soaking wet from yesterday's rains, but there is a promise of sunshine today. It will be a good day to be outside.

I am thinking...
That I should make some coffee...be right back. ;)

I am thankful...
For the blessing of having family close by.

In the kitchen...
In a few minutes I'll go make apple cinnamon muffins for breakfast. While shopping at Costco, I found a gluten free flour blend made by Namaste Foods. It was very inexpensive (as far as GF flours go) and I really like it.

I am wearing...
Teal and white striped long-sleeved t-shirt, cozy brown cardigan, jean skirt, moccasins, and teal rose earrings.

I am creating...
I'm making a red and navy plaid tunic for myself that I'd like to finish this week. Jonathan's parents are hosting a bonfire/fall party this weekend and I think it would be fun to get to wear it to that.

I am going...
To make a quick grocery run after breakfast.

I am hoping...
Jonathan heals quickly from an injury to his knee. A doctor visit yesterday informed us it could be a few weeks. For a man who lays tile for a living, knees are very important! We are praying for quick and complete healing.

I am looking forward to...
Making a day trip with Lydia in a few weeks. We are planning to go to Ikea, a huge store we've heard wonderful things about, but never been able to shop because there isn't one in our area. i'm hoping to fine a few organizational thins for our new house. Trader Joe's is also on the agenda; and knowing us, I'm quite sure there will be a stop at a coffee shop and maybe  some antique or thrift store browsing.

I am learning...
All about child discipline and discipling at a Friday Mom's meeting a friend invited me to attend at her church. We are listening to CD's of a seminar by Ted Trip. It has been really encouraging!

One of my favorite things...
is sunrises and sunsets. Because of the landscape around here, we can't see many and I do miss the open Texas sky. But here is a beautiful evening  sky a few weeks ago.

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Good Morning, Sunshine!

 strawberry banana smoothies for breakfast

the best  way to start the day


Autumn Days

On Saturday we went apple picking--one of my favorite end of summer activities. We picked around 60 pounds of apples to turn into applesauce, pie filling and other yummy treats! It was a very bright, warm day and we had a delightful time together as a family. I do love fall!


An Owl-y Sort of Craft

The first thing Elsie said to me this morning was, "Mommy, let's do a project today. I want to do an owl project." Well, there's nothing like a very specific request to get the creative juices flowing! I did what all craft lovin' mamas do and checked Pinterest for ideas for an owl craft. We found the perfect one! First we went for a walk and collected a few pine cones.

Then the girls played while I nursed Esther and then got everything ready.

 We made the most adorable little owls you ever saw!

  Esther played while we crafted.

 little owl friends


A Peek Into Our Day

Apples from our new house!

I spent what feels like the whole day paring these apples to make sauce. They're small, oddly shaped and wormy, but they grew on our own trees, so I wasn't about to let them go to waste! This pail is about a third of what we picked Thursday night. I do wish I had remembered to bring along my camera...I had Esther on my back and the girls and I picked apples together while Jonathan worked on installing the kitchen floor. It was a sweet time.
I just pulled 7 quarts of sauce out of the canner and put a big bowl full in the fridge. Staying up late to can all by myself is kind of a treat!

Some pictures from our walk today--I was thrilled to be able to get some pictures of this Heron. They're such neat birds, but usually very skittish. This one has been coming back to our pond for years, and I think it's becoming more used to humans.

 Elsie and Eden were quite fascinated. We saw him (her?) catch a fish.

The huge stick they found and carried home


A September Daybook

Outside my window... It is a cloudy, drizzly day. With each day, the air feels more and more "fallish" and to day is the grey kind of day. I do love fall!

I am thinking...
That I want to begin blogging regularly again...somehow fall makes me want to bake yummy food, light candles, clean house and blog.

I am thankful...
For Abiding Radio and this when I was sick on Sunday morning.

In the kitchen... I tried some new recipes for supper last night that were a huge hit with the whole family! This chicken stew with these sweet potato biscuits is going to be a regular menu feature, I think. I actually made one big batch of stew and 2 batches of biscuits--one regular and one gluten free. Soon I will do a post about how I altered the recipes make them gluten and dairy free, but if your diet is not restricted, they're perfect as is. (Although the stew calls for an incredible amount of butter...I'd use half the amount.)

I am wearing...
A top with a funny dotty/stripy design and a homemade jean skirt.

I am creating...
peace and beauty in our home

I am going...
nowhere because the girls are all sick. We had to cancel some plans for tomorrow which made me a bit sad, but we'll try again next week!

I am wondering...
if this fall/winter season is going to be as sick a season as last year, and really hoping that it won't!

I am reading...
out loud every day. Elsie and Eden love being read to.

I am hoping...
that our plans will come together to have our new house finished and that we get moved in by Thanksgiving. We have lots of family planning to be in town and I'd love to have lots of room at our house for everyone.

I am learning...
To manage time well and be efficient in my work so as to spend plenty of quality time with the children as well as get things done.

Around the house...
I've been slowly sorting through things, trying to get rid of any extra stuff to get ready to move.

A favorite quote for today...
I heard these words to a song on Abiding radio this morning:

"I will go in the strength of the Lord God Jehovah
Faithful is he who will vanquish my foes"

A beautiful morning rainbow.

One of my favorite things...
I so enjoy baking bread! Yesterday I tried a new oatmeal sandwich bread recipe that the family enjoyed.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
My sister-in-law, Lydia and I are planning to have a garage sale on Saturday. Hopefully the girls will be well enough that I'll be available to help.

 Three happy girls in their quilt tent.